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October 6 through October 9

October 19 through October 24

November 9 through November 12

November 17 through December 4

December 22 through January 1

Appointments may be booked 2 months in advance.

Group Therapy: I am currently recruiting patients for process-oriented group therapy. Both new and existing patients are encouraged to book in for a Free Meet & Greet for New Group Therapy Patients to discuss whether group might be right for you. Learn more about group here.

Low-Cost Services: I am supervising a graduate intern, Marcy Kralik, who is offering low cost (recommended sliding scale $50-$100), virtual counselling for adults (18+) in Alberta and BC. Marcy is especially passionate about offering care for the whole self - mind, body, and spirit - through counselling. Learn more about Marcy here.

Individual Therapy

Individual Counselling Services

Group Therapy

Group Therapy Services

Registered Psychologist based in Alberta.

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Registered Psychologist based in Alberta. Learn more at Read More

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